5 Things to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

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Hiring an Anderson personal injury attorney is not something someone typically thinks about until the situation requires it. After an accident, a South Carolina personal injury attorney can advocate for your interests in filing a lawsuit or negotiating with your insurance company. When you meet with a lawyer, think of it as your opportunity to interview them. You can make the most of your consultation by being prepared with a list of questions. Here are some common questions to ask: 


What are your fees?  

An Anderson personal injury lawyer is not paid by the hour, and instead, receives a percentage of the amount recovered. This is called a contingency fee, and may be called “no fees unless we win.” In your consultation, ask what your potential law firm’s prices are and how additional costs are handled. Be cautious of any attorney that advertises they will process your case cheaply. 


What kind of results have you gotten in similar cases? 

A strong record of success in personal injury cases will indicate that your attorney is capable of recovering maximum compensation for your claim. Although each case will have unique aspects, your lawyer should have an idea of what kind of payment you may be entitled to based on who was responsible, the extent of your injuries, and the available insurance. 


How long do you think it will take for this case to settle? 

Your lawyer should have a general understanding of the local courthouse and legal system and how long the major car insurance cases typically take to settle claims. Ask for specific examples of past cases from sign-up to resolution. 


Will you take this case to trial if we cannot get a fair settlement? 

Not all “trial attorneys” actually try cases. Some attorneys settle car accident cases quickly, cheaply and for less than they are worth. Your lawyer should have the knowledge and experience to take your case to trial.  


Can I call to get an update about my case?  

In your consultation, your attorney can explain how your case will be handled, and who will be your primary contacts for updates. This could be legal assistants, paralegals, associate attorneys, or your lawyer directly. 

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