How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim?

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How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim?

It’s important to know how long it takes to settle a car accident claim. Knowing the timeline can help you plan and have reasonable expectations. Our auto accident lawyers explain how long it takes to settle a typical claim.

How long does the average car accident settlement take?

An average car accident settlement takes anywhere from 30 days to 18 months or longer. There is a wide range because an accident may be minor or complex. When injuries are severe and the legal issues are contested, it takes longer to reach a car accident settlement.

How long is my car accident settlement going to take?

How long a car accident settlement is going to last depends on the severity of the injuries and other issues that may be present:

No Injuries or Minor Injuries/No Contested Legal Issues

When there are no injuries or they are minor, a car accident settlement usually takes about a month. The parties may have minor disagreements about the amount, but they may exchange documentation, negotiate and reach an agreement.

Moderate Injuries that Heal in Several Months

If injuries are moderate, it may take about six months to settle a car accident claim. The parties need time to fully explore damages including the course of medical treatment and lost income. These losses form the basis for pain and suffering and the total value of the claim. Once the parties gather the information they need, they can determine the appropriate amount of compensation.

Severe Injuries/Disagreements About Fault

When injuries are severe and there are significant disputes about fault, a settlement may take about 18 months or longer. While it may seem like a long time, it’s necessary for the injured party to gather the information that they need to prove long-term damages and significant pain and suffering. The victim must identify the responsible parties, prove legal fault and show what they deserve in compensation.

Why is my car accident settlement taking so long?

If it feels like your settlement is taking a long time, it may be because:

  • You need time to determine the extent of your injuries and the cost associated with treatment
  • You’re compiling evidence to build a strong case and put yourself in a strong position to negotiate a settlement
  • The insurance company is missing information they need to pay
  • It isn’t clear who is at fault for the accident
  • There may be multiple parties at fault
  • An insurance company is acting in bad faith

South Carolina car accident settlement timelines

There is a time limit to start a formal lawsuit for car accident compensation in South Carolina. However, there is no specific timeline for a settlement. South Carolina law § 38-59-20 requires the insurance company to acknowledge communications with reasonable promptness. They must investigate and settle claims in good faith and without unreasonable delay.

Attorneys for car accident settlements

If you’re hurt in a car accident, or if you’ve started a claim and you’re wondering why it’s taking so long, our attorneys can help. It’s never too late to have help from an experienced car accident lawyer team. Let us explain an approximate timeline for your case and work to pursue your claim quickly.

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