Recently in Pendleton, a car accident in an intersection led to injuries and the death of a firefighter. According to a news report, the accident happened on a Monday in January at about 6:30 a.m. on S.C. 88. Police say a 57-year-old woman, who apparently failed to yield, was turning onto S.C. 88 when the crash happened. A 42-year-old man smashed into her vehicle, sending her to the hospital. The man was not injured in the crash. Police say the 57-year-old woman was taken to AnMed Health Medical Center. It is unclear as to what her injuries were but the woman was reportedly treated and later released.

A few minutes after the first crash, a 31-year-old woman driving a Toyota smashed into the 57-year-old’s car. It is unclear as to what injuries the woman sustained but police say the second crash was in no way the 31-year-old’s fault. Officers say the conditions were rainy and dark and there was no way she could have had control over the situation.

The whole multi-car accident took a tragic turn when firefighters arrived at the scene. One of the firefighters, a 20-year veteran in local law enforcement, suffered a heart attack at the scene of the crash. The 63-year-old was taken to AnMed Health Medical Center where he later passed away. His family may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in order to cover lost wages, medical expenses and funeral costs.

Although the injuries sustained in the crash appear to not be life-threatening for the drivers, minor injuries can lead to chronic pain that can linger for many months and years after the accident. Those injuries can lead to growing medical bills that may become a financial burden on those involved and their families.

Source: Independent Mail, “Woman injured in Pendleton crash,” Charmaine Smith-Miles, Jan. 9, 2012