Residents say drivers at risk of a car accident from flying metal

Ambulance driver believed responsible for auto accident
May 21, 2014
South Carolina teen dies after May 19 car accident
June 6, 2014
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Every community has a stretch of roadway or an intersection where more accidents occur than is considered normal. In one South Carolina community, residents say that problem roadway is a problem because of flying metal. The community has more than likely seen more than one car accident as a result of this issue.

Recently, the community lost one of its own. The 37-year-old husband who was about to become a father for the third time died as a result of injuries to his head that he received in an accident. The incident began when a metal piece flew off of a trailer being pulled by a truck.

The metal first struck a vehicle in the north travel lane of Highway 45. It then flew into the south travel lane where it struck the victim’s car. So far, the truck driver has been charged with losing the load on his trailer. It is not known if South Carolina officials intend to pursue additional charges against the driver. No information was provided as to whether the occupants of the other vehicle hit by the piece of metal suffered any injuries.

The family of the deceased may not receive any justice regarding the loss of their loved one through the criminal courts. However, any evidence of negligence on the part of the driver could help in a wrongful death claim. The sudden loss of a family member in a car accident or other calamity can have a tremendous impact on the emotional and financial well-being of the family. The courts are unable to repair any emotional damage, but they may be able to help with the financial damage if a claim is successfully litigated.

Source:, “37-year-old Loris man dies in three-vehicle accident“, , May 19, 2014


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