Serious motorcycle accidents can lead to severe injury or death

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March 24, 2015
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April 6, 2015
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In South Carolina, motorcycle riders are not required to wear a helmet. This tends to increase the risk of catastrophic bodily injury or death if riders are involved in serious motorcycle accidents. The risk to riders is already higher because they lack the protections that a passenger vehicle or truck provides to occupants.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), only around 3 percent of all registered vehicles are motorcycles. However, each year, motorcycle riders represent approximately 11 percent of all fatalities on the nation’s highways. For those who do survive, their injuries are often serious.

Brain injuries, broken bones and spinal cord injuries are just some of the injuries suffered by motorcycle riders. A South Carolina resident who suffers these injuries could end up permanently disabled or disfigured. Moreover, even if an individual initially survives the initial crash, severe injuries could ultimately prove fatal.

Nearly half of the accidents that lead to serious or fatal injuries involve a motorcycle and a car or truck. Drivers who are not paying adequate attention often pull out, or turn into the path of, a motorcycle or strike one as they are attempting to pass. At least some of these drivers claim they did not even see the motorcycle.

If you are seriously injured — or a loved one was fatally injured — in a motorcycle accident, you may exercise your right to file a civil action against the party or parties deemed responsible for your injuries or the death of your immediate family member. If a court rules that the crash occurred due to the negligence of another party, damages often seen in serious motorcycle accidents could be awarded. Any monetary judgment you receive could be used to cover the expenses incurred because of the accident.


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