South Carolina Car Wrecks Cause Injuries that are Among the 5 Most Common

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Getting in a South Carolina car crash can be a very devastating event. You can be involved in a car crash in one of several ways, and can therefore suffer from several kinds of injuries. People often think that their injury is a lot less severe than it actually is.

In hopes of shining light on the actual significance of people’s injuries after car wrecks, let’s discuss 5 of the most common South Carolina car accident injuries:

Back & Neck Injuries: Whiplash is one of the most common injuries caused from auto accidents. This happens when someone’s neck stretches away and then snaps back in place quickly. Someone can get whiplash after accelerating or stopping too quickly during an accident. The ligaments, discs, and vertebrae can be damaged by this kind of injury. Whiplash can cause much more damage than just a temporary discomfort after a small car accident. Someone’s quality of life can decrease significantly by whiplash causing severe and chronic pain.

Brain Injuries: A car accident can cause a sudden injury to your head and brain. This type of car accident is created from a large amount of force, which can cause traumatic brain injuries. Brain injuries can be so severe that they permanently impair memory and speech control, or they can be concussions that just naturally heal on their own in a few weeks.

Varieties of Head Injuries: Injuries can happen to other areas of the head, not just to the brain. This can include vision loss due to eye injuries and losing teeth due to mouth injuries.

Chest Injuries: Even though chest injuries have been reduced because of the placement of airbags in dashboards and steering wheels, as well as seat belts, a person can still break their sternum or ribs in a crash. This kind of impact can also cause damage in areas nearby.

Injuries of the Foot, Knee, or Leg: When a vehicle hits another in a certain way, the chance that a severe injury will take place to a person’s knee, leg, or foot is very likely. There areas are often broken and fractured during car wrecks in South Carolina.

Protecting Yourself After A South Carolina Car Wreck

Don’t assume that you’re not injured in a South Carolina accident just because you’re not showing any signs of pain at first. You could be in shock and seriously injured. The best option for you would be to have a proper examination by an experienced medical professional. If a doctor says that you are injured, try to focus on your recovery process and don’t worry about your medical bills just yet. Also, contacting an experienced South Carolina car accident lawyer is the best thing to do to protect your interests after a wreck. Our skilled Anderson car accident attorneys are committed to helping accident victims obtain the full value of their claim and use every resource at our disposal to obtain the maximum available settlement or award. To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, call The Law Offices of Steven M Krause PA today.


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