South Carolina motorcycle accident between 2 bikers causes injury

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September 7, 2012
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September 20, 2012
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Many times in a motorcycle accident, motorcycles are hit by cars or other large vehicles that do not see them. However, sometimes it is other motorcyclists that don’t see the motorcycle as they are riding. Too often, motorcyclists who wish to pass another motorcyclist can go in the same lane as the motorcyclist and then accidentally side swipe them. Unfortunately, that might have been what happened in one recent South Carolinamotorcycle accident.

The accident happened when a 47-year-old man was driving his motorcycle east on the Princeton Highway. He had been alongside a 33-year-old man who was also driving a motorcycle when, for an unknown reason, the two motorcycles bumped against one another. This move caused both men to be thrown from their motorcycles.

The 47-year-old man had not been wearing a helmet and was seriously injured. Furthermore, he was separated from his motorcycle, which ended up being thrown into the path of a Ford pickup truck, which then crashed into the motorcycle. The 33-year-old motorcyclist had been wearing a helmet and was not injured.

Right now, the incident is still under investigation and there are many details that are not known. For instance, it is not known whether the two motorcyclists knew each other or had been planning to ride with each other. Nor is it known why they bumped into each other, or what outside factors may have been involved.

As the investigation continues, it is likely that the questions will soon enough be answered and any other issues will clear up. In the meantime, depending on the results of the accident investigation, the family of the man injured may be interested in filing a claim seeking monetary compensation which can help relieve the burden of medical expenses which he might have, as well as any pain and suffering that might have been brought about as a result of the accident. No South Carolina motorcyclist wants to suffer through a serious motorcycle accident, but at least this might help such individuals as they move forward from their difficult time.

Source: Anderson Independent Mail, “Motorcyclist in serious condition after weekend collision,” Aug. 26, 2012


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