South Carolina wrongful death: Pedestrian killed in Florence

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May 29, 2013
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June 14, 2013
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Three cars were waiting for the light to change from red to green at an intersection near East Howe Springs Road and Pamplico Highway. When the light turned green, only one of the three cars managed to avoid striking a pedestrian as they moved through the intersection. Even if no charges are filed against the two drivers that hit him, the victim’s family may file wrongful death claims in civil court.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol has tasked its accident investigators to document the details of the accident. Preliminary reports indicate that a man wearing dark clothing was walking along the road when the light at the intersection changed. The first car managed to swerve and avoid hitting the man directly, but still struck the man with the car’s mirror.

The pedestrian then fell into the lane of traffic. Miraculously, the second car of the three managed to avoid hitting the man altogether, but the third vehicle drove over the pedestrian. The pedestrian’s injuries were severe and he died as a result.

The details regarding lighting and configuration of the intersection have not been released. The driver of the first vehicle reported barely seeing the man and the driver of the third vehicle was unable to catch sight of the man prior to impact. The results of the official investigation may help the victim’s family determine who to file their wrongful death claim against. South Carolina law provides that the action may be filed against any party or parties whose actions are deemed to have caused or contributed to the victim’s death. Sometimes, that includes parties that were not present at the accident.

Source:, “Man dies in crash on Pamplico Hwy,” May 22, 2013


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