Top 5 Worst Intersections in Anderson, SC for Auto Accidents

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Avoiding the Worst Spots for Car Accidents in Anderson, SC

About two years ago, generously named the top 10 most dangerous counties in South Carolina. Our beloved Anderson ranked #5 on the list, explaining that there were 43 traffic fatalities in Anderson in 2015 alone. Not long after, a news report from WSPA Channel 7 reported the top 10 most dangerous intersections in Upstate South Carolina. Yet again, at least two of the intersections turned out to be right in Anderson County.

With all these reports focusing on the dangers of driving in our region, it seems only fitting to take a moment to address just five of the most hazardous spots in Anderson. If you drive a lot, these might just be spots you want to avoid whenever possible.

#5 – West Whitner Street and Pearman Dairy Road

This busy and congested intersection is surrounded by shopping and food chains. It made the rankings from WSPA, and for good reason. With about 173 accidents in a five-year period, the intersection averages an accident every 11 days, and has a five-year traffic count of over 50 million. There was one reported fatality in five years.

#4 – South Main Street and Shockley Road

Another one to make WSPA’s top 10 list, this intersection had 236 accidents in a five-year period, and an accident every eight days. While it only had a traffic volume of 39.8 million cars during the five-year period surveyed, the higher ratio of wrecks gives it a higher risk rating for drivers. There were two fatalities in five years.

#3 – Whitehall Road and Pearman Dairy Road

Although not as congested and reporting no fatalities, the traffic volume is a whopping 57.7 million cars over a five-year period. And there’s just a lot of wrecks here. In the same five-year timeframe, there were 72 injury crashes and an average of one accident every six days.

#2 – Shockley Ferry Road and South Murray Avenue

With just 24.8 million cars over five years, this intersection averages about one accident every 22 days. Yet, it had a total of 82 crashes, 25 involving injuries.

#1 – White Horse Road

Even the name sounds terrifying. While not an intersection, this road has become legendary for claiming lives in South Carolina’s upstate. This deadly stretch of road claimed 57 lives in just a five-year period of time. According to a report by Independent Mail, Highway Patrol data shows that there are 2.5 accidents per day on average.

Stay Safe and Avoid Danger Zones

Obviously, there is no way to eliminate all travel through dangerous spots. But knowing about the danger can make you more aware and more focused when you approach a spot that is known for being a high-accident area. Now that you know some of the trouble spots here in Anderson, you can be prepared to drive defensively and maybe even look for alternate routes, especially during busier times of day. Avoid the crowds, steer clear of high-risk intersections whenever possible, and remember to stay sober and free from distractions at all times.

Anderson Auto Accident Lawyers

Even our best plans sometimes can’t prevent an accident. If you or a loved one are hurt by a negligent driver in the Upstate region of South Carolina, call our law firm today to speak with one of the caring and experienced attorneys of The Law Offices of Steven M Krause PA The call is free, and we will not collect a fee unless we can help you recover for your injuries.


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