What Happens If My Child Is Injured at Daycare?

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December 5, 2020
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Most parents face childcare issues at some time or another during their child’s early years. From after-school daycare to daycare for children who are not yet school age, choosing a quality daycare center is an agonizing choice for most parents who have to trust that the childcare provider will do their best. Oftentimes, daycare providers, parents, and children have no issues at all and the relationship becomes a happy and familiar one. However, there are certainly times when daycare providers do not take sufficient precautions and a child is seriously injured while on their premises and in their care due to their negligence. Working with an experienced daycare injury attorney, you can ensure your child gets the medical treatment they need.


Seek immediate medical treatment if necessary


Injuries impact adults and young children very differently. What to a parent is a small bruise on an injured elbow could turn into lifelong complications for a young, developing child if not treated quickly. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and visit your child’s pediatrician as soon as possible. If you believe your child is in immediate danger or is suffering excruciating pain, you should take them to the nearest urgent care center or emergency room. 


Medical treatment of your child should take first priority over all other matters to avoid worsening a daycare injury. At every step of the treatment process, keep all medical records of doctors visits, tests, and any other evidence that is crucial to showing how and why your child was treated by medical professionals for an injury.


Take photos and videos of the injury


Luckily for your child, with proper medical treatment, injuries fade and may hopefully be forgotten. However, you should take swift action to take photos or videos of your child’s daycare injury to ensure the negative impacts are preserved in visual form. If your child is of age to express what happened, ask your child to tell you what happened as soon as possible after the injury occurred and capture it on video to create a record of how the injury occurred. Take special note of your child’s emotional state and note that in a separate writing or following the recording process.


Identify names of daycare employees and others present in addition to surveillance cameras


Your child may not be able to tell the whole story, or, given a very young age, any part of it. That’s where you should ensure you get the full names of every day care employee working that day in order to get their statements on what happened through your experienced daycare injury attorney. You may also want to investigate whether any parents or guardians were present and witnessed the situation as they may be able to provide important third-party perspective and be witnesses who do not have any incentive to protect an employer by shading the truth. Additionally, take note of any security or surveillance cameras which may have captured the daycare injury and tell your attorney immediately so he or she can work to get the footage.


Contact a daycare injury attorney


Seeking compensation for your child’s injury as a result of negligence on the part of the daycare they attend may put some in an uncomfortable situation. Caring for your child should be your priority, not dealing with daycare operators or insurance companies from negotiating to representing you in court. Your experienced daycare injury attorney can work to ensure that any out of pocket medical expenses and future medical care is covered by those who caused the injury. 

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