Wrongful death case possible after South Carolina crash kills 1

Wrongful death claim possible after South Carolina man killed
February 21, 2013
South Carolina man charged in car accident injuring 8
March 7, 2013
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The initial media reports of a South Carolina car accident sometimes have few details about what actually occurred. In those instances, the public and those affected by the tragedy often have to await further information from those responsible for investigating. In circumstances where a fatality has occurred, that investigation may provide crucial evidence for potential use in any wrongful death claim that may result.

The first reports of a recent fatal motor vehicle accident in Columbia provided scant information. It is known that the crash occurred in the morning hours of a recent Saturday on a local roadway. Two vehicles were said to have been involved. One driver was killed, and two other people reportedly suffered injuries.

The woman who died was 77 years old, and her identity was not immediately disclosed. Her Ford Mustang collided with another vehicle in which there were apparently two occupants. Neither of those individuals were identified either, and it was reported that they were both transported to Richland Memorial Hospital for treatment. The precise nature of their injuries and their updated medical conditions was not disclosed.

The deceased victim’s family is likely seeking answers to explain the death of their loved one. The MAIT team, which is part of the South Carolina Highway Patrol, was called in to investigate. If the evidence ultimately suggests that the woman lost her life due to the negligence of another party, a wrongful death claim may be appropriate in a South Carolina civil court. The viability of that potential claim will have to await further details from the accident investigation. The two injured individuals, along with the representative for the estate of the deceased woman, may benefit from investigating their rights and responsibilities under our laws.

Source: wltx.com, “SC Highway Patrol Investigating Fatal Wreck,” Haylee Korn, Feb. 16, 2013


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