Auto accident highlights problems on South Carolina road

Car accident in South Carolina crosswalk leads to lawsuit
June 17, 2013
South Carolina Highway Patrol blames tire for car accident
July 2, 2013
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There is a portion of Carolina Forest Boulevard in Horry County that local residents believe is dangerous for pedestrians and bicycle riders. This fact is not lost on the County Transportation Committee, but they have yet to do anything about it. A recent bicycle vs. auto accident has put this portion of the road back in the limelight.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the accident. Troopers made note of the fact that this stretch of the road is incredibly dark at night. The bicycle rider was wearing dark clothing, which troopers say made it difficult for the truck that hit him to see him. Both vehicles were heading in the same direction. Since there isn’t a bike path, there was nowhere else for the rider to go.

Just last year, funding to add a bike path to this road was rejected by the County Transportation Committee. This committee is made up of delegation appointments by the South Carolina legislature. Its job is to divide proceeds from the gas tax to be used for road projects. Some say that this recent accident illustrates that a bike path is sorely needed. In an area where the real estate market is growing, a bike path can help draw people to the area.

A continued debate regarding a bike path is not going to help the family of the man killed in this bicycle vs. auto accident. They are still going to have to mourn his loss and prematurely bury him. What they may be able to do is file a wrongful death claim. Monetary compensation isn’t going to change what happened to the victim, but it could restore his family’s financial losses and give the County Transportation Committee one more reason to build a bike path.

Source:, “Bicyclist killed Tuesday on Carolina Forest Boulevard,” Michael Smith, June 11, 2013



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