Is it Okay to Go to a Chiropractor After My Car Wreck?

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Many people who are involved in motor vehicle accidents find that they need medical care above and beyond a visit to the hospital or their primary care doctor. If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, you’ve probably at least considered whether a chiropractor might be a good choice. To help you better understand when it’s a good choice, here are some considerations.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractors are physicians who receive similar training to that of traditional medical doctors, except that instead of focusing on illnesses and problems, chiropractors are more holistic in their approach. Here are some major differences:

  • Chiropractors do not prescribe controlled substances (medications); however, they may recommend dietary changes, lifestyle changes, non-pharmaceutical supplements, and so forth.
  • Chiropractors cannot perform invasive surgical procedures.
  • Chiropractors generally perform manual techniques to improve healing, posture, and reduce symptoms associated with musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Chiropractors can order radiology exams like x-rays and MRIs
  • Chiropractors can write work notes
  • Chiropractors generally use physical therapy and manual adjustments to help patients recover from injuries
  • Chiropractors may work closely with other healthcare providers, such as massage therapists, neurosurgeons, medical doctors, pain management physicians, and other professionals.

Why Is Chiropractic Care Helpful After an Anderson Car Accident?

Most auto accident injuries result in some form of muscle injury or “soft-tissue” injury. From lumbar strain to whiplash, these injuries can be very painful and affect daily activities of life. A chiropractor will generally be able to get a patient in for an appointment much faster than some specialists, and they can act as a care coordinator, assessing injuries and referring you to other experts who may be right for your case. A good chiropractor can provide rapid relief for symptoms by reducing inflammation, resolving muscle pain and aches, and helping you feel better faster while you wait to get in to see orthopedic surgeons and other specialists.

Likewise, a chiropractor will usually be willing to treat a car accident victim on a lien. This means they may be willing to forgo billing health insurance or charging copays or other out-of-pocket charges, opting instead to hold their bills and wait for your case to settle in order to be paid. This allows you to receive immediate treatment for your injuries.

How to Find a Chiropractor Who is Right for You

Some chiropractors advertise themselves aggressively. But there are different types of practices. Some practice in pain management clinics and bill health insurance primarily. Others may not want anything to do with car accident cases, instead preferring to work as small-town “family practitioners” who generally charge low fees for direct services. Lastly, there are chiropractors who are highly experienced in dealing with insurance claims. These chiropractors may have extensive experience testifying in court and carefully building their records to demonstrate the specific nature of an injury and how it was caused. These chiropractors understand that the patient needs to be treated, but also needs to make sure the care is paid for.

When you call Krause, Moorhead & Draisen, P.A., we can help you avoid making the costly mistake of going to providers who may not be good for your case. Some doctors in South Carolina may actually take active steps to hurt their own patients’ insurance claims by minimizing the injuries or refusing to discuss care with your Anderson Car Accident Attorneys.

While we defer to the medical expertise of the health professionals, we can also make sure you get the care you deserve right from the start. So, call today to set up a free consultation with one of our skilled accident lawyers.

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