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February 27, 2019
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South Carolina allows policy stacking for underinsured motorists.

Under Section 56-5-1590, street racing is illegal in South Carolina. Nevertheless, reckless motorists continue to drag race on public roadways, jeopardizing the safety and lives of everyone around them. At The Law Offices of Steven M Krause PA, we take careless driving very seriously. If you’ve been hurt or lost a close relative in a drag racing crash, call our firm today to talk to an Anderson Car Accident Lawyer.

What Is Street Racing?

Racing is defined under state law as engaging in the act of attempting to overtake or travel faster than other vehicles on a public road. It makes no difference if the vehicle actually reaches or exceeds the speed limit. Even in places where the speed limit is 70 miles per hour, rapidly accelerating or racing from a light can be considered racing.

It is also illegal to alter or modify a motor vehicle in order to use it for racing purposes. Doing so is a crime.

Acquiesce or Permit Racing

Section 56-5-1600 of the South Carolina Statutes also prohibits you from not only participating in a race but also consenting to or permitting someone to participate in a race. If a vehicle owner permits someone else to borrow their vehicle or use it in a street race, they may also be subject to fines and penalties.

Street Racing Statistics

The deadly impact of street racing can never be overstated. In LA County, there have been more than 179 deaths from drag racing since 2000. And that’s just one U.S. county. Here in South Carolina, we rank among the bottom of the pack for distracted driving, teen fatalities, and drinking and driving rates, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Street racing statistics, however, are hard to find because many of these crashes are fatal and it can be difficult to know whether drivers were racing or just speeding.

How a Lawyer Can Help a Street Racing Victim

After being injured by a reckless drag racer, many injury victims may not know where to turn. Sure, the at-fault driver may get arrested and charged with a crime, but how does that help the victim? Perhaps the at-fault driver has insurance; perhaps not. Either way, many injury victims are dealing with a host of their own problems, like big medical bills, being out of work due to injuries, having past-due medical and household bills, and dealing with frequent and constant pain.

An experienced Anderson auto accident lawyer from The Law Office of Stephen M Krause PA, P.A. may be just the answer. Our firm routinely investigates these crashes to help clients prove liability and deal with insurance claims adjusters who, in many cases, may not necessarily have your best interests in mind. We can handle the insurance negotiations while you focus on getting better.

Our team has more than 30 years on the job fighting for the rights of injury victims throughout Anderson, SC, and neighboring communities. Call today to schedule a free consultation.


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