When Mothers Suffer Injuries During the Childbirth Process

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Please contact our experienced and professional law firm about the birth-related malpractice. When birth-related negligence occurs while the patient is in a hospital or a doctor or other medical staff acts carelessly and leads to one of the following results:

  1. Wrongful pregnancy- failure to protect the parents from pregnancy after sterilization, in turn resulting in an unwanted birth
  2. Wrongful birth – failure to inform the parents of the risks of conception or birth to a congenitally diseased child
  3. Injury to the infant or mother during the time of delivery or pregnancy

Each of these allegations comes with its own type of rules for appeal and what injuries can provide compensation for damages.

Have a look at the birth injuries to the infant or mother 

Although, it is rare, but in some cases a doctor’s medical negligence leads either an infant, the mother, or both being hurt before or during the birth of an infant. A few instances of the negligence which can lead to birth-related injuries are as follows:

  • Carelessly failed to monitor a baby’s oxygen consumption before and after a delivery
  • Carelessly failed to control the extreme maternal blood loss during the post-delivery process.

Injury to mother: The mother can bring an allegation for the medical negligence if the doctor’s ignorance or lack of concern led to an injury before and during the time of birth. For example, if the doctor neglects to take note of the mother’s blood pressure before delivery, or the mother has an illness at the time of delivery, the mother might have an allegation for the medical negligence to recover the damages caused by the illness.

Injury to infant: If a baby is injured, the parents can file a claim of negligence on the opart of the doctor responsible for the birth of the infant. The parents might ask for both the unique and usual damages. The usual damages incorporate the amount of suffering such as physical and mental suffering as well as pain, and the loss of enjoyment of life.

For instance, if a doctor fails to utilize a moderate care and, in doing so, delivers an infant prematurely, which resulted in serious brain injuries for the infant, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be in order. The parents then may appeal to recover the medical costs acquired to pay for developmental needs and ongoing rehabilitation. This can also include suffering and pain, since the infant will experience the continuous injury of mental and physical ability.

Know about the most usual injuries mothers can suffer during childbirth

Most of the things that could go wrong with a pregnancy will occur at the point of the child-birthing process. However, surgeons are trained to predict nearly all delivery complexities and are expected to know how to respond to them efficiently, while reducing the hazard to the child as well as mother. A wrongful death or an injury is caused by the carelessness on the part of the surgeon, a nurse, or a doctor, meaning that the family could hold the at-fault party and their insurance supplier accountable.

Injuries from Forceps and Other Tools

The usage of forceps at the time of the delivery might lead to a forceps trauma to the mother by delivering painful injuries to the tissue between the anus and vagina, injury to the perineum, incontinence, genital tract tears, and/or injuries to the bladder and urethra. Approximately, 157,000 preventable traumas to infants and mothers happened in a single year from the use tools like the forceps during vaginal births, which accounts for the greatest injury rates, based on the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality.

Placental Abruption 

Placental abruption is one of the most severe complexities, which can place the health of an infant and mother at hazard, if not addressed immediately. The placenta created at the time of pregnancy is there to offer nourishment to the progress of the fetus. If the placenta tears loose from the wall of the uterus before delivery, it can lead to massive vaginal bleeding and might deprive the baby from getting nutrients and oxygen. The emergency care must be provided for the anticipating of experiences had by birthing mothers with rapid uterine contractions, abdominal pain, and/or serious back pain and vaginal bleeding.

Postpartum Hemorrhage

Minor bleeding is usual; however, loss of 500 ml or more than that of blood after the delivery is described as the postpartum hemorrhage. Hemorrhaging happens in one of five deliveries. It is the most common occurrence in the death of the mother after giving birth to an infant. Lacerations at the time of a C-section can lead to excessive bleeding. In turn, preventing regular use of episiotomy can decrease the hazard of the postpartum hemorrhaging.

C-section Injuries

A C-section can lead to injuries in neighboring organs like the bowels or the bladder. The hazard of creating a blood clot is more possible after a C-section. If the clot extents the lungs, it can lead to death. Women who struggle with a vaginal delivery after possessing and had a C-section are generally at the more dangerous situation of uterine rupture, in which the uterus tears along the scar of the last C-section. The surgical trauma at the time of the C-section might need a follow-up surgical procedure.

How to know that the injury occurred from medical negligence? 

All processes or operations carry basic hazards. Unexpected problems can arise due to the patient’s physiology- something which cannot be modified by the medical experts. There is a huge difference, between inevitable damages and those which could have been avoided. Usually, these damages arise during a mother’s agony at the time of childbirth.

Validating carelessness and its direct link to you or your beloved one’s is challenging. It needs:

  • Legitimately have an idea about how to develop an accurate claim that presents itself effectively and pursues the suitable level of compensation for short-term and long-term requirements.
  • Understanding of an injury itself. It’s important to know the causes and the symptoms and how the injury might have been avoided.
  • The capability to comprehensively and effectively examine where the process might have not been patronage.
  • In-depth information on the correct medical process.

Our lawyers are efficient litigators who routinely take on the insurance firms and blameworthy parties in careless allegations. They operate effectively internally to ensure the clients are always advanced to the status of their litigation and are comfortable moving forward. If you have any questions about injuries you or a family member received during the birthing process, please contact our experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Anderson today to schedule your free consultation.


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