SCDPS Reports 544 Traffic Fatalities

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The South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SCDPS) reported recently that as of July 28, 2019, 544 people have died in traffic accidents on South Carolina highways this year, including 91 pedestrians, 59 motorcyclists, and 16 bicyclists.  Of those 544 fatalities, 361 had access to seatbelts, and 180 were not wearing seat belts. 

This report also included noted 13 traffic fatalities in the three days of July 26, 2019, to July 28, 2019, including three unhelmeted motorcyclists.  

SC Traffic Deaths Total Nearly 100 Per Month

The 544 people that have died this year from January 1 – July 28 in traffic fatalities is a decrease in deaths from the 570 deaths reported last year for the same reporting period.  Of the pedestrian and cyclist categories, 91 pedestrians have died this year compared to 88 last year, and 16 bicyclists have been killed this year compared to 10 last year. You can review the report here. 

Accident reporting statistics are vital because they reveal areas where safety can be improved. For example, accidents may show the need to install a traffic light, reduce a speed limit, or have a law enforcement agency increase the patrol in the area.   

Nationwide, more than 90 Americans die in car accidents each day. Many of these accidents are preventable tragedies caused by distracted, inattentive, or even drunk drivers.  As a driver, you can protect yourself by understanding the dangers on the road and being alert for more vulnerable pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists, and never drinking and driving.  

Protect Yourself in a Car Accident

You can protect your financial interests by having adequate insurance to protect you should you be involved in an accident. Moreover, if you become injured in a crash, talk to a skilled and knowledgeable South Carolina personal injury lawyer before you accept any insurance offer of compensation. 

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