Single-car Wreck in Beaufort Kills Driver

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On a an early Sunday mid-afternoon in February of this year, a Honda Passport drove off the road and struck a tree. According to a Beaufort Gazette news report, the driver was not wearing a seatbelt. The driver has not been identified and the cause of the auto accident is still under investigation.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA), approximately 80 people are killed on American roadways every day.  In 2013 alone, there were a total of 35,244 fatal car crashes in the United States. Motor vehicle crashes have a huge impact on the economy; it is estimated at an $871 billion combined economic and societal cost based on NHTSA’s 2010 crash data. That comes to is approximately 1.9 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident due to the fault of another, contact a Anderson auto accident lawyer right away.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Victims of a car accident could include several parties including drivers, passengers, and bystanders, as well as the loved ones of an injured party. While car accidents may cause several different injuries that range from minor cuts and bruises to death depending on the circumstances of the incident and the severity of the impact, the most common injuries include:

  • Facial  – these types of injuries are common because during impact the driver’s face may hit the steering wheel, and a driver or passengers alike may suffer facial injuries from airbag deployment, windshield, side windows or shattered glass.


  • Neck – mild forms of this type of injury include whiplash or neck strain, but can result in more serious injuries such as cervical dislocation and disc injury.


  • Back – the lower back is the most common area that is injured and includes sprains, strains, fractured vertebrae and herniated discs.


  • Head and brain – when a person’s head is hit or hits something violently, often called a “traumatic brain injury,” the resulting symptoms can be mild or severe depending on the amount of damage to the brain. While often there are no visible signs of trauma, the brain may have been bruised, swollen or bled as a result, and can lead to permanent damages.


  • Spinal cord – when disc material, displaced bone fragments, or ligaments make a bruise or tear in the spinal cord tissue, this often damages the nerve cells and affects the signals that are sent between the brain and the spine to the rest of the body creating loss of function or feeling.


  • Internal organs – damage to the kidneys, liver, bowels, lungs, spleen, heart or aorta can be serious and require immediate treatment..

In addition to physical injuries, victims of a car accident may also suffer psychological damage – temporary or permanent – in the form of emotional distress, posttraumatic stress disorder, as well as anxiety and depression.

Help Available in Anderson

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