South Carolina Highway Patrol says car accident was DUI-related

Investigation continues in deadly South Carolina car accident
May 7, 2014
Ambulance driver believed responsible for auto accident
May 21, 2014
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The consumption of alcohol greatly diminishes a person’s inhibitions, coordination and reaction times. When a person in this state gets behind the wheel of a car, it is a recipe for disaster. The South Carolina Highway Patrol believes the driver of a vehicle was operating under these conditions when he was involved in a recent car accident.

As the allegedly impaired driver and the driver of another vehicle traveled Interstate 20, the vehicle driven by the man believed to be impaired slammed into the back of the other vehicle. The impact forced the victim’s SUV off the road where it crashed into a tree. The wreckage was such that emergency crews had to free the man from his vehicle.

By the time emergency responders freed him from the vehicle, he had succumbed to fatal injuries. No one else was in the vehicle with him. The driver of the car that hit the victim’s SUV reportedly suffered only minor injuries.

The man was taken into custody and, so far, faces a felony DUI charge. He remains in custody after being denied bond. That portion of the interstate was closed while the South Carolina Highway Patrol conducted its on-scene investigation.

The victim in this car accident was only 52 years old. His family is nonetheless forced to bury him prematurely. It may be difficult to imagine the emotional impact his death has on his family, but the financial impact may be quantified in a civil action. If the family proves the other driver was negligent and that negligence caused the death of their loved one, the court may award damages to them. Any financial restitution will never fill the hole left in this family, but it may repair the damage done to this family’s finances.

Source:, “Investigators say I-20 deadly crash was DUI“, Jeremy Turnage, May 2, 2014


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