Child dies in car accident, coroner says grandfather was impaired
August 9, 2014
South Carolina Highway Patrol investigates deadly car accident
August 18, 2014
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The majority of the drivers in South Carolina are diligent about making sure that they obey the traffic laws and watch out for others on the road. Sometimes, however, unintended lapses in judgment occur, which can lead to a car or motorcycle accident. Depending on the circumstances, the people involved can suffer anywhere from minor bruises to fatal injuries.

On a recent Thursday at around noon, a motorcycle rider was traveling on Highway 601. At the same time, a vehicle was attempting to turn from a secondary road onto the highway. Unfortunately, the vehicle turned directly into the path of the motorcycle.

The biker collided with the vehicle. The impact caused the 43-year-old rider to suffer fatal injuries, from which he died at the scene. The pickup truck driver did not suffer any injuries. The investigation into this tragedy is still underway, and so far, authorities have not reported the filing of any charges.

While the investigation is conducted, the family of the victim is forced to prematurely bury its loved one. The costs associated with his death typically add up quickly. Regardless of whether any criminal charges are filed against the other driver by authorities, the family retains the right to commence a wrongful death claim, seeking damages incurred as a result of this motorcycle accident. Any financial restitution received — which must be based upon evidence of negligence by another party to the collision — will never bring back the loved one the family lost, but any damages awarded by a South Carolina court could defray the monetary losses associated with the victim’s death.

Source:, “Fatal Motorcycle Crash in Kershaw County“, Anne McQuary, Aug. 7, 2014


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