South Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy involved in a car accident

Police searching for driver in South Carolina car accident
August 27, 2013
South Carolina attempted traffic stop led to deadly auto accident
September 11, 2013
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No South Carolina driver is immune to the possibility of being involved in an accident. Even law enforcement personnel, with all of their training, are still just people behind the wheel. An off-duty sheriff’s deputy had a car accident involving a 13-year-old recently. Unfortunately, the boy was injured.

A young boy was riding his motorized scooter up and down the street. Details regarding the car accident are still conflicting. According to the victim’s uncle, the deputy was speeding when the child was struck by the deputy. The off-duty officer claims the boy had run a stop sign. Presumably, if the deputy is to be believed, he or she was unable to avoid hitting the teen.

As any South Carolina driver knows, if you drive through residential streets the chances that children are at play are far greater than any other part of town. The chance that a child chasing a runaway ball rolling out into the street or a child running out from between two parked cars can happen at any time. As responsible drivers, the goal is to get from point “A” to point “B” without injury and being aware of other citizens on the road. Nevertheless, law enforcement personnel are responsible for public safety — whether they are on or off duty.

No charges have been filed as yet. This dreadful car accident is still under investigation. The boy was taken to the hospital, and there is no current report on what his injuries were or his condition now. If it is determined that the deputy was at fault, the victim’s family can file for monetary compensation from the deputy and possibly the county’s sheriff’s department if the deputy was in a cruiser at the time of the crash. This could also result in disciplinary action from the department against the deputy.

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