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February 25, 2012
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A man was killed in a South Carolina truck accident in August 2011 when his 18-wheeler struck three vehicles. The 69-year-old man who caused the truck accident ran off of the road after falling asleep at the wheel. After attempting to maneuver his tractor-trailer back onto the road, he lost control of the vehicle. A pickup truck and an SUV were dragged into oncoming traffic and all slammed into another 18-wheeler, driver by a truck driver from North Carolina. Both truck drivers were killed.

It was later confirmed by the coroner that the 69-year-old tractor-trailer driver had a sleep disorder, which potentially endangered other truckers on the road before the fatal accident occurred. The North Carolina 18-wheeler driver’s wife is now speaking out against the dangers of tired truckers. The woman spoke to a crowd in North Carolina and stated that commercial truck drivers who are tired are placing other drivers on the road at risk.

While news reports do not confirm whether or not the tractor-trailer driver was aware of his sleep disorder during his time as a truck driver or if he was tired before he began his route, his family may still be held liable for the death of the other truck driver due to potentially negligent behavior.

In South Carolina, many truck drivers are on the road late at night. Truck accidents can be common on I-85 and other major highways in the state. Any time a driver makes a decision to get behind the wheel when they are tired or distracted, that increases the potential for a truck accident to occur.

Source: WBTV 3 Charlotte, “Wife of NC trucker killed in SC crash speaks out,” Feb. 26, 2012


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