Twenty Percent of Car Accidents Are Due to Driver Fatigue

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The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, reports that more than 300,000 police-reported crashes annually are a direct result of driver fatigue. Just over 100,000 of these accidents result in injuries and over 6,000 in fatalities. A study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute looked at the behaviors of drivers just prior to crashing – with limited to no interference with those who were being watched – found signs of fatigue to include facial changes, heavy eye-lids, and bobbing heads.


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Driver Fatigue More Serious with Truck Drivers


It is true that professional truck drivers have to undergo specific driver training and testing, often resulting in higher driving skilled than the average person behind the wheel. That being said, no amount of skill can overcome exhaustion or fatigue. In fact, driver fatigue is such a concern that laws across the nation require professional truck drivers – as well as drivers of other commercial vehicles – to maintain a limited number of continuous hours, which is regulated by the federal government.


These driving limitations include a maximum of 11 continuous driving hours, following 10 consecutive hours of off-duty rest; no more than 60 driving hours within a seven-day period, or no more than 70 hours in an eight-day period; and a maximum of 14 driving and/or working hours after starting a shift.


Beyond the real risk of a driver falling asleep behind the wheel because of fatigue, exhaustion can also raise the risk of accidents because it slows reaction times. Federally imposed regulations are not always followed by businesses due to employer’s interest in meeting deadlines and drivers’ motivation to work overtime for a bigger paycheck. Moreover, truck drivers must keep and maintain a logbook of trips, which should fall within the hour limitations. It is not uncommon for these logbooks to be falsified in order to comply with the law. An aggressive car accident attorney may be able to prove falsification through obtaining phone records, gas receipts, satellite records or the truck’s black-box, among other evidence.


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