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Any South Carolina resident who has had a chance to witness the aftereffects of a fatal motorcycle accident knows firsthand how devastating and lasting the results are. Even for people who might not have seen the motorcycle accident as it actually happened can understand the heartbreak involved in such an accident. Many times, motorcyclists are seriously injured or killed in such accidents, especially if they collide with cars.

One South Carolina woman has unfortunately experienced taking care of the accident victims firsthand. On May 26, she had been setting up shop in her laundromat when she heard a huge crash, followed by screaming. She rushed out of her store and found the remnants of a mangled motorcycle, along with a man lying in the street. Nearby the man, his friend was screaming, “My best friend is gone!” She tried to administer CPR to the man in the street before she realized that he was dead, and then she rushed to comfort his friend instead.

Though the reason behind the collision is still uncertain, police say that the accident was caused by a car and a motorcycle colliding with each other. The driver of the motorcycle was killed, likely due to trauma to the torso and the head. The car driver’s condition was not immediately released. The crash is still under investigation and no charges have as yet been filed.

Unfortunately, too many people know someone who has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident. For the man who died, the cries of his best friend are probably echoed by his family and loved ones. As the collision is investigated and the family searches for answers to a seemingly senseless tragedy, it is hoped that this accident will serve as a wakeup call to car drivers and motorcyclists alike to be careful on the roads.

Source: WMBF News, “Woman recalls moments following fatal motorcycle accident,” May 26, 2012


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