Wrongful death case may be filed in jogger’s death

Multiple car and 18-wheeler accident in South Carolina kills 1
October 8, 2013
South Carolina Highway Patrol files charges in car accident
October 23, 2013
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A 20-year-old South Carolina man was visiting family in another part of the state recently when he decided to go for a jog. What must have seemed like a good idea at the time turned into a tragedy. His family may decide to file a wrongful death case against the two drivers that struck him.

The victim was jogging when the side mirror on a passing vehicle clipped him. That impact threw him into the oncoming lane of traffic and into the path of another vehicle that also struck him. He was still alive when emergency personnel arrived, and he was taken to an area hospital.

Despite the efforts of both emergency and medical personnel, the victim’s injuries were just too great. He died some time later. The South Carolina Highway Patrol is in charge of the investigation into the young man’s death. There has been no indication as of yet whether any charges will be filed against one or both of the drivers involved in this accident.

Even if neither driver is held criminally responsible for the jogger’s death that does not necessarily preclude his family from filing a wrongful death case against one or both drivers. It is the responsibility of every driver to be aware of everything around that driver at all times. If a driver fails to live up to that duty of care, he or she could be deemed responsible for the injury or death of another if an accident is the result of his or her inaction.

Source: wistv.com, Jogger struck, killed by two vehicles, Lara Saavedra, Oct. 12, 2013


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