Crowds provide witnesses for South Carolina car accident

Motorcycle accident claims the life of a South Carolina man
December 28, 2012
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January 7, 2013
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Holiday-related events that involve large crowds can contribute to safety problems, but they can also be a benefit to people who deal with crimes or accidents. On one hand the increased foot traffic and police presence that usually accompanies such events tends to slow everyone down. On the other hand, the increase in people and cars on the road provide many more potential factors that could contribute to a car accident like the one in South Carolina following a New Year’s Day parade.

The South Carolina car accident occurred when an ATV hit the side of a car while the car was turning left at an intersection. Both drivers suffered some injuries in the accident and went to the hospital. It is not clear how serious the injuries were for either driver.

Alcohol is not currently suspected to have played a part in the accident. Currently, the highway patrol is investigating the matter. It is expected that the driver of the car will be charged with failure to yield the right-of-way. It is not clear if this will merely be a traffic violation or if there will be other charges as well.

Due to the public event preceding the crash, there could potentially be witnesses to the crash. Their presence will make the investigation associated with this car accident much easier. In such a car accident, resulting claims against either driver could be easier to pursue than they would otherwise be, especially for any claimant who has a good understanding of the underlying laws that would be relevant to such personal injury claims.

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