Failure to yield causes South Carolina motorcycle accident

Passenger ejected during car accident dies from internal injuries
September 25, 2013
Multiple car and 18-wheeler accident in South Carolina kills 1
October 8, 2013
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There could be any number of reasons why a driver would fail to yield to another vehicle when turning. Unfortunately, none of those reasons justifies pulling out in front of another vehicle. Recently, an SUV caused a motorcycle accident here in South Carolina because its driver allegedly failed to yield to the motorcycle before attempting to make a turn.

As the SUV made its turn, the approaching motorcycle was unable to avoid colliding with the passenger side of the vehicle. The 59-year-old motorcycle rider suffered extensive head trauma and fractures to multiple extremities. He did not survive.

There was no indication as to what injuries, if any, were suffered by the driver of the SUV. The rider of the motorcycle had been on his way to work that morning and managed to get within a mile of his place of employment before he died. The South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the accident. It might be interesting to readers to know if the driver of the SUV will be charged in connection with the victim’s death. Only time will tell if the driver may have been distracted in some way, fatigued or otherwise impaired at the time of the accident.

The family of the victim may appreciate having some answers as to why their loved one had to die in this senseless motorcycle accident. However, it won’t bring him back to his family. What those answers may do is give the family the evidence they need to prove that the driver of the SUV was negligent and those negligent actions led to the death of their loved one. If they prevail in a wrongful death action, they may recover the financial losses this accident has caused the family.

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