Firefighter arrested in hit-and-run pedestrian vs. car accident

South Carolina car accident victim found on side of the road
December 17, 2013
South Carolina police seek driver in hit-and-run car accident
January 2, 2014
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Police recently arrested and charged a South Carolina firefighter in connection with a hit-and-run. The firefighter’s wife initially claimed she was driving when the car accidentoccurred, but later admitted her husband was driving. The woman was afraid her husband would lose his job.

Unfortunately, the pair did not seem to exhibit the same level of concern for the teenage girl the firefighter ran down. Two teens living in the area witnessed the accident. According to them, the vehicle driven by the woman’s husband was traveling at a high rate of speed before swerving into the girl who was walking along the side of the road with friends.

The 14-year-old girl struck by the firefighter is said to have become airborne from the impact and landed in a ditch. The driver then sped away without even stopping to check on the victim. Fortunately, the girl survived, but not without injuries. She is reportedly recovering from those injuries and currently has a noticeable limp.

The firefighter faces charges of driving under the influence and hit-and-run. His wife faces an obstruction of justice charge for lying to police about who was driving. No further information regarding the criminal case is available at this time.

Meanwhile, it is unknown how long the girl’s recovery will take and whether she suffered any permanent damage as a result of her injuries. Under South Carolina law, a personal injury claim may be filed against the driver in this hit-and-run car accident. If successful, an award for financial damages could provide for any medical bills, both present and future, pain and suffering and any other damages sustained by the family.

Source:, Goose Creek Brothers describe seeing a 14 year old girl get hit, Raymond Owens, Dec. 11, 2013


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