How to Maximize Your Car Accident Injury Settlement in South Carolina

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Recovering the maximum possible compensation for a personal injury claim requires some documentation of injuries, preservation of evidence, and usually some negotiating. For the insurance companies, claims are business transactions, intending to pay out as little as possible. 

Auto Accident Claim Tips

As an injured victim of an accident in South Carolina, your focus should be on healing and getting better or taking care of the people you love.  Your attorney can take care of many of the administrative aspects of your claim, preparing demand letters and pre-litigation paperwork, and then ultimately advocating for the compensation you deserve.  However, there are some things you can do to maximize your claim and receive a better result: 

  •   Get Medical Care: If you’re injured, request medical care as soon as possible following a crash. This will document the event and show the insurance company that you sought treatment and were in pain. Imaging scans such as X-rays can establish your crash-related injuries. If you delay going to a doctor or emergency room, the insurance company could make a case that your claim is fraudulent. 
  •   Report Your Accident as Soon as Possible: Review your insurance policy for your obligations in reporting a claim. You are required to report the accident right away. You do not need to provide a recorded statement, even if the claims adjuster says this is a standard part of the claim. It is not required. You should never admit fault or apologize, as those admissions could jeopardize your ability to recover compensation or reduce the amount offered to you. 
  •   Do Not Accept a Settlement Offer without Talking to an Attorney: Your insurance company may use language as best, last, or final offer, as a tactic to pressure you into accepting an offer and resolving your claim. Once you receive a settlement, you cannot recover any money in the future. If your injuries turn out to be far worse than you initially thought they were, you still will have no ability to recover more. 
  •   Work with An Attorney: A reputable and experienced lawyer can advocate your best interests, ensure you are not taken advantage of, and ultimately strengthen the value of your claim.

Calling a Car Accident Attorney in Anderson, SC

For more information about your legal rights in a personal injury claim, contact an Anderson car accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Steven M Krause PA for a free consultation.


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