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Peak moving season in the United States is from April to November, with more than 40 million people relocating in the United States. In South Carolina, many people choose to move, often renting trucks from U-Haul, Budget, and Penske for moves across town or the country. For other motorists on the road, and bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians, these inexperienced and unfamiliar drivers operating large commercial-sized trucks can have disastrous consequences.  

Rental trucks are not considered commercial vehicles by the Department of Transportation, and are not subject to inspection and oversight, nor are they subject to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates regarding electronic logging devices. 

Moving Companies 

People who rent U-Haul and DIY moving trucks are not required to have any training or experience driving large vehicles.  Drivers may not understand the blind spots of the cars, and the increased stopping distance required to bring the truck to a stop on the highway.  Even a driver who has been driving for decades may feel inexperienced navigating a large moving truck. 

If you rent a truck, you must show proof of insurance or purchase supplemental liability insurance called SafeMove to insure the truck itself. Most DIY rental companies do not require additional liability insurance, allowing drivers to waive this added cost. In the event of an accident, the renter’s insurance policy may deny a claim because they may exclude covering damages caused by rented trucks. 

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Truck rental companies may be quick to blame their customers, saying they didn’t load a truck correctly, operated too fast, or failed to follow instructions. As an injured victim, you may have rights to compensation from multiple parties, but pursuing a claim can be difficult. Before you accept any payment, sign any paperwork, or give a recorded statement, talk to a lawyer. Rental moving truck accidents are unique cases. If you were involved in a crash in South Carolina involving a rental moving truck in South Carolina, contact The Law Offices of Steven M Krause PA for a free consultation.  

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