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December 20, 2012

Man charged in fatal South Carolina crash; Wrongful death?

Some drivers take unnecessary risks when they are on the road, endangering themselves and everyone else. Unfortunately, reckless driving sometimes causes accidents with tragic consequences. This […]
December 11, 2012

Fatal workplace injury accident leads to criminal charges

Employees who work on the nation’s roadways face a wide range of inherent workplace dangers. There are a multitude of safety precautions in place to safeguard […]
December 7, 2012

DUI suspected in South Carolina crash; Wrongful death claim?

Drunk driving is one of the most common and preventable causes of car accidents. Intoxicated drivers typically suffer from impaired vision and reflexes, and they often […]
November 29, 2012

South Carolina wrongful death case next after fatal bike crash?

It is often difficult to piece together what caused a fatal motor vehicle accident from the initial press reports. That is particularly true when there were […]