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April 28, 2013

Truck accident leaves South Carolina woman trapped under truck

The South Carolina Transport Police and the South Carolina Highway Patrol are still trying to figure out just how a woman’s car ended up wedged underneath […]
April 25, 2013

South Carolina Highway Patrol finds driver in motorcycle accident

The South Carolina Highway Patrol has been able to locate the vehicle and driver they believe was involved in a hit-and-run accident with a motorcycle. The […]
April 17, 2013

Teen indicted after South Carolina car accident kills student

Last September, an 18-year-old Coastal Carolina University student was run down as she was crossing Highway 544. When police arrived at the scene, the vehicle that […]
April 12, 2013

South Carolina car accident kills mother, injures man

South Carolina investigators are still working to determine exactly what happened to cause a recent fatal accident. The car accident happened when two adults and a […]